Helpful Documents

To make your music planning simpler, please feel free to download these documents.

Music Programming Suggestions: This is a list of suggestions for placement of your music. Some songs are appropriate in more than once place and are therefore listed twice.

Catholic Wedding Music Liturgy Planner: This form outlines the entire Catholic Wedding liturgy indicating where music and readings are to be placed.

Non-Catholic weddings have simpler services and liturgies. Generally you will need the following:

  • Preludes (usually at discretion of musicians)
  • Song for seating of mothers and/or family
  • Processional (one or two)
  • Song between readings
  • Song after sermon
  • Song after exchange of vows
  • Recessional

These will vary depending on what you decide is the service order. Once the service order is determined, then I can assist you in the placement of the songs.




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